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Would you like to get more Pixel Gun Gems like in the good old days?

Everybody wants COINS and GEMS! But it is not easy to get them anymore! It is more like a Pay-to-win game. Where are the good old days when you could play all day long and not care about coins? We miss them too! Wait, there is a solution. We found PG3D Hack that could help you with that. It makes the Pixel Gun 3D Great Again!

How does it work?

It is quite easy and straightforward. You just need to write your username. You can find your username when you start the game on android or ios. It gives you pixel coins or gems. It is intuitive and has a great UI. It is also fast.

After you enter your details, you should receive a confirmation email. It doesn’t take more than 24 hours to get more coins into your account. You will get your gamer profile boosted in no time.

Why I quit playing Pixel Gun 3D

I quit playing of pixel gun 3d game because it was too much of pay to win a game. It is not like free to play anymore. You just need to use hacks if you don’t want to empty your real life pocket. It is quite sad where gaming has gone. But enough of melancholy! Those Pixel Gun 3D Cheats will solve it for a long time.. Well, maybe I could get back to playing Pixel gun game because it works on Android and iOS and there will be new ios which will make the gameplay smoother.pixel gun 3d apk hack

Can you get banned while using Pixel Gun 3D Hack?

No, you can’t, because everything is done online and not on your smartphone device. It is more like cloud process. You don’t need to download some shady Pixel Gun 3d apk hack to your device anymore thanks to developers from pixelgun3dhack.info. It is quite a step forward than any other hacks which just place some adware into your phone.

I don’t recommend to use it too often tho because you could easily dispose your account to RilSoft and they could get mad and ban you. But I must admit that this never happened to my, neither any of my colleagues.


So is your Pixel Gun 3d great again? If not, then contact the game developers not to make the game Pay2Win.

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